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Deep Trekker Press Kit

Hey, we love press. Here’s everything you need to put your story together, as well as how to reach us!

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Who We Are

Incorporated in 2010, Deep Trekker is a cutting edge submersible robotics organization. Designing, engineering, building and marketing our robots in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, we are a proudly Canadian team.

What We Do

Deep Trekker makes tough tasks easy. We listen. We empower. We seek to develop the most durable, innovative, portable and affordable underwater ROVs and submersible robots to solve a suite of environmental and industrial situations.

Our vehicles are used for underwater inspection and tasks in industries such as aquaculture, infrastructure, energy, search and recovery, commercial diving, maritime shipping, defense, municipalities and ocean science.

What We Offer

We deliver proven, fully assembled, tested and ready to use submersible remotely operated vehicles, utility crawlers, pipe crawlers and submersible cameras.

Based on a clean-sheet design, we remove the complexity of owning and piloting a remotely operated vehicle – but without sacrificing quality or capabilities.

Our Brand Assets


Get everything you need to understand how our brand works! Download our brand assets, to access our logos.


Our industry, application and product images capture the vehicles and operators within their working environment.

Press Releases

Access product announcements, updates about the company, partnerships and collaborations.

Brand Guidelines

These guidelines include information such as: An overview of our history, vision, personality, key values, and how to use our brand.

Interview Us

Sam Macdonald, President

Water is the lifeforce of humans and human society so it’s no wonder Sam Macdonald set out to engineer a lifestyle surrounded by it. An admitted boat bum, Sam was always curious about what lay beneath the waves of the Great Lakes which surrounded her home in Southern Ontario, Canada. After more than 15 years refining her skills in sales, marketing and leadership, including 8 years of applications engineering in the robotics automation industry, Sam put her McMaster University Commerce degree and passion for technology to work. In 2010, she partnered with Jeff Lotz to bring Deep Trekker’s underwater robotics to the world. From the basement workshop to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to shipments to over 85 countries, Sam and her team have expanded to produce 6 fully submersible robotic product lines.

When not traveling the world discovering her customers’ unique uses for Deep Trekker’s robots, Sam can be found mountain biking, scuba diving or flying small airplanes, enjoying life on land, under the sea, and in the air.

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Cody Warner, Global Sales Manager

Deep Trekker’s Global Sales Manager Cody Warner is dedicated to the continued growth and success of the company as a whole. Cody has been proud to grow alongside the company starting six years ago as the lone salesperson and employee number twelve, expanding from one vehicle to six product lines, thousands of robots in ten named industries across more than one hundred countries. With an eye into all facets of the company, Cody is able to act as a conduit between customers, salespeople, engineering and production to provide Deep Trekker’s global client base with the best experience possible.

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Explore our wide range of submersible robots

Rugged & Portable ROVs

Also called Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), underwater robots or underwater drones; our Remotely Operated Vehicles are the perfect tool to conduct underwater inspections. Between the DTG3 ROV, PIVOT ROV, and REVOLUTION ROV, we have the solution for you.

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