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Hydroelectric ROV Applications

ROVs for Hydroelectric power plants and dam inspection.

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Invest in a Deep Trekker ROV for your Hydroelectric inspection. Talk to our Industry Specialist today about your specific needs and learn more about:

  • Inspecting runners/penstocks
  • Inspecting turbines
  • Inspect without dewatering
  • Save on scaffolding
  • Clear trash racks

How can Deep Trekker help me reduce dives?

Deep Trekker Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are tethered underwater drones that can provide HD video, sonar imagery, and more to help assess structures such as intakes, walls, turbines, and more.

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Eugene Water and Electric Board

"I could come up with at least 5 times so far where we would have scheduled divers to do what the ROV did."

Jon Thomas, Eugene Water and Electric Board

5 Ways ROVs Benefit Hydroelectric Plants

Divers are commonly used for the regular inspection work of underwater infrastructure in hydroelectric plants. While effective, diver inspections in the confined, dark and murky environments of energy plants can be incredibly dangerous.

Che Swearengen and Ontario Power Generation

"In this instance, costs and safety were the two driving factors. With regards to safety it was the human factor, there was no radiation and no work protection involved for shutting down the systems."

Che Swearengen, Ontario Power Generation