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Training on Deep Trekker Vehicles & Add-ons

Training Course - What to expect

Deep Trekker is proud to offer virtual ROV training. Our free basic training program takes users through a guided video series designed to prepare new operators for their first day on the job.

Our technical training team will guide you through the basics of operating your Deep Trekker Vehicle. From equipment and key vehicle settings to Piloting 101, our Virtual Training will have you feeling ready for your first dive.

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Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Training

ROV systems can be complex and modular. Our experts break down the equipment included in the basic Revolution ROV package, the key settings you need to know about and the basics of piloting an inspection class Remotely Operated Vehicle.

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Pipe Crawler Training

Want to get more familar with our DT340 and DT320 Pipe Cralwers? Watch our experts take you through a basic training course featuring both the DT340 and DT320 Mini Pipe Crawler. Need more training? Ask about our online live demos.

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