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Powered by BRIDGE Technology

Enhancing your operation capabilities with a seamless technology platform for all your Deep Trekker underwater robots.

Improved viewing, operating & recording experience

Camera Optimization

BRIDGE's algorithms work in conjunction with our enhanced 4K camera system for optimized imaging in complex underwater environments. Additionally, operators can manually adjust onboard lighting for inspection in both dark and low light environments.

Seamless integration

With an improved intelligence platform, BRIDGE technology has the capability to integrate with technologies such as imaging sonars and positioning systems.

Zero Latency

BRIDGE software enables a near instant communication between controller and vehicle, creating an easy and reliable piloting experience

No Fluff

BRIDGE powers our intuitive handheld controllers for simple yet sophisticated operation without any bloatware for streamlined control.

BRIDGE Powered Vehicles

DTG3 Remotely Operated Vehicle

Capable of diving to depths of 200M (656 FT) while operating up to 8 hours on a single battery charge.

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