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Worry Free Harbor Inspections

Protect your port from threats beneath the surface


Providing marina supervisor's clients with value-added services, such as vessel inspections, can be a simple service for a marina to implement. The Deep Trekker ROVs can also be equipped with tools to retrieve lost items underwater. Talk to our Industry Specialist today about your specific needs and learn more about:

  • Protecting your port from threats beneath the surface
  • Inspecting structures and prioritize maintenance
  • Identify and retrieve lost items and tools

Underwater security for Port Authorities

With Deep Trekker ROVs, port authorities and border security professionals are able to perform an efficient hull inspection on every single vessel to pass through their waters without the need to send a human into the water, or incur the high costs and delay of dry-docking. Contraband inspections can be performed efficiently, regularly, and without risk to a human underwater.

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ROV Inspection with SAAM Towage Canada

"We use our ROVs for scheduled underwater inspections of vessels to monitor the underwater condition of components and structures,” explained Stuart. “We also use them for quick inspections of vessels’ underwater components - lots of debris exists on the West Coast so it is not uncommon to strike logs sitting just below the surface."

Stuart Jones, SAAM Towage

UWILD Inspections

UWILD or underwater inspections in lieu of divers are critical for maintaining vessels safely and efficiently. The following checklist outlines what submerged areas and components of a vessel should be inspected by an ROV. Operators are looking for defects, scratches, discolourations, dents and any other imperfections.

Chugoku Paints

By piloting the ROV from the surface to underneath a ship’s hull, Chugoku is able to inspect the bottom of the vessel from underwater, without drydocking. Chugoku then creates a visual report, including photos from the ROV’s camera, to show the condition of the hull and any areas which might require service or painting.

Chugoku Paints