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Underwater Exploration and Discovery ROV

Explore and learn with Deep Trekker

Explore the underwater world

As we discover more about our Earth, the desire to understand what we cannot see beneath the waves is greater than ever.

Underwater discovery poses many challenges and dangers. Underwater expeditions now make use of specially designed remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) equipped with HD cameras to mitigate these risks.

Underwater exploration

Deep Trekker underwater ROVs make exploration and discovery more accessible than ever before. Affordable systems offer professional Full HD video for filmmakers and even ammateur divers to explore shipwrecks and underwater archaeology without harming sites.

Portable underwater discovery

With the ability to have eyes in the water in seconds without the need for a generator or power supply, Deep Trekker ROVs are the perfect tool for exploration in remote locations. Minimal technical expertise is required to operate and there is no extended learning curve. Become an expert underwater filmmaker in hours.

More than just exploration

Deep Trekker ROVs have been used for various exploration missions, filming the deep azure mysteries of the sea. But, oceanographers, biologists, archaeologists and ocean conservationists are also using Deep Tekker ROVs to monitor the health of species and marine wildlife, to gain insight to underwater issues, such as ghost fishing and to understand scientific maritime archaeology around the world.

ROVs for scuba diving

While Deep Trekker ROVs are typically deployed from the surface, we have made it possible for scuba divers to operate underwater, directly beside the ROV. The Diveable Control System allows divers to pilot the ROV ahead of them when exploring hard to reach underwater caves or sunken ships. Receive live Full HD footage directly to your handheld controller.

Why Deep Trekker for underwater discovery?

Easy to use piloting system

Versatile; explore various underwater environments

No topside power or generators required

Portable and compact carrying case

Sophisticated Options such as Sonar and USBL Positioning Systems

Suitable for all budgets

Very cool. I’m very pleased. Well made. This is really going to augement our diving.

Mark Fulton

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