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Utility Crawlers

Purpose-built underwater robotic equipment

Custom made tools to get the job done

Deep Trekker utility crawlers are designed to work in tough underwater environments; equipped with attachments for pressure washing, vacuuming, thickness testing and more.

The DT640 offers various solutions to unique underwater inspections, designed with both rubber or magnetic wheel options. Earth magnets allow the utility crawler to move in any direction on ferrous material.

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DT640 MAG Magnetic Crawler

Equipped with magnetic wheels, this underwater robotic vehicle is capable of crawling on the side of steel vessels or other ferrous metal surfaces.

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DT640 VAC Crawler

Meet the new wave of robot vacuums - the DT640 Utility Crawler can be equipped with various vacuum head sizes for cleaning out water tanks and towers.

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At a glance

Battery operated

Modular design

Fully submersible

Low maintenance

360° turn radius

Extreme portability

Tank cleaning

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Tank inspection

Sediment removal

Wind turbine inspection

Ship hull inspection

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Ferrous material wall inspection

Ship hull cleaning

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Metal thickness testing

Offshore platform inspection

This is amazing! Instead of draining tanks, we inspect and vacuum out the sediment with the DT640Vac Utility Crawler.

Jo Hulands

The Tank Inspector

Customer Reviews

Utility Crawler Case Studies

Water tank cleaning robot solution

See how the DT640 equipped with a vacuum attachment helps commercial diving teams and municipalities save time and money with water tanks cleaning.

Robotic solutions for vessel hull inspections

Equipped with magnetic wheels, the DT640 Utilty Crawler is capable of driving on the hull of steel vessels even in high currents.

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Utility Crawlers Add-Ons

The DT640 Utility Crawler is designed with complex inspections in mind. The platform provides live video to the handheld controller and can be equipped with purpose-build attachments. The variety of options transform the Utility Crawler to efficiently and safely clean and inspect investigation areas.

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