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Commercial Diving Underwater Vehicles

The most versatile, reliable, and durable underwater robot on your team

Mini ROVs for underwater commercial salvage and inspections

Deep Trekker ROVs are a versatile tool for commercial divers to perform inspections in enclosed spaces, including tanks, pipes and intake structures or in open water applications, such as hull inspections or salvage operations.

Navigate around obstacles and in dark and murky waters

Even the best camera in the world can't see through murky waters. Deep Trekker underwater ROVs integrated with direct imaging sonar provides a clear view of dive operations and helps divers navigate in high turbidity water.

Maximum portability

Deep Trekker salvage ROVs are designed for maximum portability and maneuverability. Its compact size and onboard battery power allows access to remote locations and can extend diver operations.

Commercial salvage diving ROV applications

The mini ROV is well-suited for a wide variety of commercial diving salvage tasks, such as performing routine ship hull inspections to check for signs of corrosion or other damage, recovering ships and airplanes and their cargo in the wake of a wreck, as well as performing various underwater infrastructure repair tasks.

Dive with the underwater ROV

Traverse unknown environments or enclosed spaces by sending the underwater ROV in front of the diver using the diveable controller. The self-contained, waterproof controller extends diver operations and is depth rated to 75 m underwater.

Why Deep Trekker for Commercial Diving?

No topside power or generators required

Easy to use piloting system

Optional divable controller

Extreme portability

Commercial diving add-ons and tools

Suitable for all budgets

Record operations with voice-over capabilities

Operate in various underwater conditions

Expanding your revenue stream

Diving is inherently dangerous. Having an underwater ROV to constantly monitor divers, ensures safety and mitigates risk directly from the topside. Deep Trekker ROVs provide live video feed to the handheld controller of the diver's progress; ensuring the diver is operating in the safest possible conditions.

Pre-dive inspections using underwater ROVs

Using Deep Trekker ROVs, conduct a preliminary inspection to accurately quote contracts, determine specific tools and resources required and pinpoint the appropriate dive site. Pre-dive inspections allow divers to use their time more effectively underwater.

Post-dive evaluations

Provide value to your clients by recording underwater dive operations in Full HD using Deep Trekker ROVs. Service reports allow you and your customer to evaluate data instantly and create a historical directory of content.

Nice and handy ROV, perfect alternative to divers when you need eyes under water. Virtually no preparation needed; just bring the case to your work site, take out the ROV, connect the remote and throw it into the water.

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