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Easily Perform Surveys, Data Collection & More

Purpose built remotely operated vehicles for ocean science research and educational study

Mini ROVs for ocean science and preservation

Deep Trekker is proud to be a part of the sustainable ocean community by providing accessible, easy to use mini remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to support the study of our waterways.

Environmental monitoring

An ROV is an unmanned submersible device deployed from a vessel and controlled remotely from the surface. The DTG3 and REVOLUTION lines of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) from Deep Trekker, Inc. play a critical role in the efforts to maintain the health of our aquatic environments. The ROV is equipped with a specially designed environmental inspection camera that transmits clear HD images to a handheld controller. This allows the user to conduct underwater river, lake, or ocean inspections without having to send a diver into the water.

Emergency readiness

Arrive on-scene and quickly and safely identify response strategies using the portable and easy to use ROVs. Deep Trekker ROVs are completely battery operated making them incredibly easy to transport on any boat or vessel without worrying about an external power source, while still allowing the exploration of the depths of our oceans for up to 8 hours on one battery charge.

Species observations and data collection

Follow the activity and behavior of fish, determine the health of plant life, monitor invasive species and detect changes in the underwater environment without having to send a diver into the water. Optional attachments are available that allow you to use the ROV to collect sediment and water samples for testing.

Why Deep Trekker for Ocean Science?

30 second deployment time

No topside power or generators required

Weather proof handheld controller

Sonar and sampling devices

Suitable for all budgets

Reliable & robust ROVs

Portable, easy-to-use ocean, river, and lake monitoring ROVs

Underwater environmental monitoring often occur in remote locations. The portability of a Deep Trekker ROV makes it easy to take it with you wherever you go. Our ROVs run on internal battery power, eliminating the need to connect them to a generator, topside box or other external power sources. This provides maximum deployment flexibility. The handheld controller is simple to operate — no extensive training is required.

ROVs provide a cost-effective underwater research alternative

The cost and risk for divers to perform deep research dives for long periods can be prohibitive for many environmental organizations. Our mini ROVs can provide a cost-effective alternative to make use of research grants and funding. We also have useful attachments available for tasks like benthic sampling and water quality analysis.

Tailor-made solutions for special projects

Some projects require extraordinary tools to complete tasks. Knowing that there is not a one size fits all solution for research projects, we are open and collaborative to your specific needs and will develop a customized robotic solution.

Our larger ROV has often not been on a job site because it uses was not anticipated or it’s footprint was just too large. We purchased the DTG2 to fill in a gap we had; it’s small and ultra portable and the video feed is reasonable. We have basically shelved drop cameras that cost more than this unit.

Bruce Gray

Operations Officer, Environment Canada

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