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Brantford Welcomes New Deep Trekker DT340 CCTV Pipe Crawler

Cody Warner   |   August 28, 2017

The City of Brantford starting to take control of their own infrastructure inspections of storm and waste water pipes using their new CCTV Pipe Crawler.

The City of Brantford has become part of the Deep Trekker family, accepting delivery of their new DT340 Pipe Crawler. Brantford is a city of approximately 100,000 people with a variety of storm and sanitary pipes that the city's Environmental Services team is responsible for. Some challenges the team has faced in the past have been waiting on contractors for emergency inspections and getting a visual for their cutters performing work on rooted pipes. The DT340 gave them a portable and easy to use system for getting eyes in their pipes, all while not breaking the bank.

Battery Powered CCTV Pipe Crawler

City of Brantford Envrionmental Services

Though Brantford had worked with other pipe crawlers in the past, they had never seen a battery powered Crawler. John Longo, Supervisor of the Water Distribution & Wastewater Collections Division, originally saw Deep Trekker CCTV pipe crawler at the WWETT show in Indianapolis earlier in the year: "I really liked the versatility of being able to send one guy in a truck to figure out exactly what we need to do. No waiting on expensive emergency services or going in blind with our cutters, it just makes a lot of sense for us."

The DT340 will earn its investment back within just a few inspections and will open the doors for Brantford to take on more and more inspection work of their own. Having something to prioritize repairs will allow for more efficient use of their cutters and more effective implementation of contractors.

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Brantford opted for the DT340 X package, enabling them to take on larger diameters using the larger wheel sets and the elevating arm attachment. Some advantages of the arm are that they are able to raise the camera above the water line in partially submerged pipes for better visibility, as well as over obstacles such as rooting and up to laterals. In the future, as they look to expand to using the crawler for PACP coded reports, the elevating arm will enable reporting in 8" to 36" diameter pipes.

Deep Trekker is always looking for ways to make inspections easier with our vehicles. We look forward to being part of Brantford's toolbox and to making the lives of the Environmental Services team better!

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