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Wired2Fish: Creating Content That Gets Attention

We were thrilled to speak to Kyle Peterson and Scott Glorvigen from Wired2Fish to learn more about how they use their DTG3 . The leading media company in freshwater fishing, Wired2Fish is an invaluable resource for all things fishing.


Arguably the most popular and well-known fishing resource on the internet, Wired2Fish uses leaders in the field of fishing to provide their audience valuable information about freshwater fishing.

Wired2Fish empowers their audience with in-depth information covering the gamut of freshwater fishing. From fishing techniques and tips, to product reviews, to tournament news and giveaways, Wired2Fish is a complete resource for anyone interested in fishing.

Using the DTG3

The Wired2Fish team uses their vehicle for two main purposes: underwater research and content creation.

The ROV allows the team to observe and record the natural behaviors and patterns of the animals that live underwater. “Being able to deploy this thing from the boat, we’re able to swim right into fish, schools of fish, structures, habitats. It gives us a very different understanding of what’s going on. It’s all right there in front of your eyes,” explained Kyle. “Understanding species, how they interact and how they relate – it’s all so very interesting.”

Kyle also noted the importance of being able to see “what these creatures do without disrupting them. We are able to get close to the animals while avoiding the scare factor of putting the boat right on top of them.”

“When you’re standing above the ground, you don’t have eyes into that underwater world,” said Kyle. “When the ROV is underwater, it’s like going to the aquarium. Pretty much everyday we go out with it, we find out new things.”

Scott noted that the DTG3 “captures fish in their total natural environment. They act like there’s nothing there. They’re not frightened by it.”

Kyle shared one particularly exceptional discovery the Wired2Fish team made with the DTG3: “We have a big snapping turtle that we were following around and there were a bunch of fish around it. Bluegills were hovering around the snapping turtle and picking leeches off the underside of the snapping turtle! -We’ve never seen that! The relationship that we watched and witnessed totally blew our staff away. He was no threat to the fish as they were using him as a food source and cover.”

Sharing in-depth content constantly, Wired2Fish utilizes the DTG3 to film underwater videos. In addition to sharing fishing knowledge with their audience, Scott noted another benefit to sharing the underwater world online.

“When you show them the underwater world, you have the ability to influence people to be more of a steward to the environment,” explained Scott. “We’re starting to see that unless you’re out there and seeing these types of reveals, the perceptions that we have about animals and their relationships are different. We have a perception of that from standing on a boat, kayak, canoe – the DTG3 changes the rules of what we perceive.”

Operating the DTG3

The Wired2Fish team regularly creates exceptional underwater content, requiring a vehicle that is straightforward and easy to deploy.

“You hit the power button and you go, it’s about as easy as it gets,” laughed Kyle. “It’s very user friendly and the learning curve on it is relatively short.”

Convenient navigation is crucial for smooth and high quality content. “The depth look has been one of the key features,” noted Kyle. “ To be able to stay at a certain depth through contour changes is really useful.”

As a busy media company the Wired2Fish team needed an ROV that could reliably capture footage underwater - without battery or power hassles. “Battery life is great,” said Kyle. “For us a day of filming with it has not been an issue - I think the thing would run for two days.”

The Deep Trekker Difference

At Deep Trekker we pride ourselves on delivering a high quality, advanced product with exceptional customer service.

“It’s an amazing piece. I had just done some comparison research online and the customer service was the tipping point,” said Kyle. “Christianne is great. Very, very nice and she was always available to speak to us.”

“You guys make an unbelievable product. We’re having quite a good time with it!” exclaimed Scott. “Please pass along to your engineering team the incredible product they created.”

We sincerely thank Kyle, Scott and the Wired2Fish team for their time and effort. If you’re not following them already, be sure to check out their YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and of course their website.

To learn more about how ROVs can help you, reach out to our team today!